Saturday, August 10, 2013

Little Naturalist

This past week Jackson went to camp!!!  He went to a one-week session of Little Naturalist at Locust Shade Park.  It was each morning this week from 9-12.  He LOVED it!!!  His counselor, Miss Courtney, was so sweet, and she seemed really good with the kids.  There were only four other kids in the session, but they had a great time!
We got there early on Monday to check things out, so we had some spare time to play beforehand!
I dropped Jackson off at the boathouse each morning, and the water looked so pretty each morning--it was a great way to start the morning!  The kids fished with nets to catch minnows, caught worms to feed the fish, hiked, took nature walks, played on the playground, read books, did some crafts, watched a puppet show of "Beauty and the Beast," checked out some frogs, and just enjoyed the outdoors.  This was great timing for Jackson to have something to do just for him.  Now we have a couple of weeks before preparing for the school routine again!!!

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