Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day was even more fun than last year since Jackson was looking forward to it!  Pre school is definitely good for getting prepared for fun things like this!
 I am part of a monthly craft group (each month a different member hosts and chooses a craft to lead), and this past month's was paper crafts using the Cricut machine.  There are SO many projects you can make, but I fell in love with these little boxes!  I made one for Jackson's teacher and the pre school director, and then we filled them with extra treats like the ones we brought to school for his party. 
 LOVE the keyhole detail on the side!
 This was mostly a Pinterest craft fail :(  You were supposed to mix shaving cream and food coloring in a pan until it marbelized.  Then you press a piece of paper on top and make a print.  Then, wipe off the excess shaving cream, and let it dry.  Well, the wiping off process took off way more than I thought it should.  Then, the shaving cream never dried!  So, I cut out hearts and then laminated them!  Not messy then!
 Jackson wrote ALL of this Valentine's!  I was SO proud of him!  He got very good at writing "To," and he filled in all of his friends' names and then he drew a heart before writing his name.  SOOO cute!
 This was a box I cut for Josh using fun map scrapbook paper.  His got filled with the same treats.
"I love you Daddy."
 "(Heart) Jackson and Graham"
 This was the valentine I made to give to a couple of our friends that are younger.  The back of the tag said, "You are my main squeeze!  Happy Valentine's Day!"
 Jackson's valentines he gave to his friends!  Each plastic bag had a strawberry milk straw, a milk bottle cut out card, and two cookies. 
 The tag read, "We go together like milk and cookies!  Happy Valentine's Day!"
Jackson's party was Wednesday since he doesn't have school on Thursdays.  On Tuesday he helped me make the treats to bring for his party.  We lined a baking sheet with small pretzel twists.  Then we placed an unwrapped Hershey's kiss on top.  We melted them for just a few minutes and then pressed an M&M on top.
 Graham's Valentine mailbox and card!  His mailbox had puffs and yogurt melts in it :)
 Jackson made this at school, and I thought it was a good decoration for breakfast!
 Jackson's Valentine's Day treats!
 Pink milk for breakfast!
 Close-up of my sloppy kisser ;)
 We took a walk to Redbox before lunch to rent the newest "Ice Age" movie.  Graham enjoyed his stroller ride and got to wear this super cute jean jacket Mimi bought for Jackson when he was little!
 Valentine's Day lunch: Heart cut-out sandwich.  The cut-out was filled with grapes.  And, a side of M&Ms in a heart shape!
 Snuggled up with his Valentine's puppy watching his movie :)
I didn't get a picture, but in the evening we continued our tradition of burritos for dinner!  Qdoba offers a deal where you get Buy One Get One Free if you kiss someone--excellent!
 We babysat for the Bashores tonight while they had a date, and I made a special dessert.  Have you seen that quote/graphic about how the picture on Pinterest looks so pretty, but then when you make it, it SO doesn't?  That's totally how I felt!  The kids didn't care!
This was a box of strawberry cake mix divided into three parts with varying amounts of red food coloring added.  Then, you are supposed to layer the colors with some frosting in between.  Mine didn't quite layer evenly...

Our three-day Valentine's celebration was a lot of fun, and Jackson is already asking how long until it happens again!

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