Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Go Mason!

 Josh scored some free tickets to the George Mason game this weekend!  We had SUCH a good time!  The energy in the stadium is wonderful!  The students all looked like they were having SOOO much fun!  They were really fun to watch, as was the band!  Jackson's and my favorite part was the tuba that was decorated with green lights and what looked like antlers.  How fun?  The band director put on quite a show himself.  Our seats were really great--only a few rows from the floor!  Jackson was pretty into everything, and he was content with what has become his standard snack: popcorn!
 Nom, nom, nom!
Josh and his boys
 Check out that pudgy little fist!  
 Oh, yes, this happened!  I could not love this baby any more--he is so sweet and snuggly!  He hung out for a bit, ate, and then pretty much just layed his head down on my chest and went to sleep!  LOVE IT!
 SOOO cute!  Jackson really had a great time!  He was excited that there was a blimp at this game, just like at the UVa game we went to earlier in the season.
 The Smiths cheering on Mason!
 After the game we headed to Susie and Joe's for dinner and hanging out.  This little stinker woke up just before we were going to leave anyways.  He hung out with the big boys while I got everything ready to go.  He's just so cute when he wakes up when he's supposed to be sleeping... ;)
 The fun with basketball continued as Graham joined in Jackson and Daddy's game. 
 His idea of fun is to eat the ball.  Luckily, he has a good-natured brother and daddy!
 Can the whole thing fit in my mouth???
 Trying again!
Sweetness :)

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