Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend!

 We had SUCH a busy and fun weekend!!!  On Friday night the Bashores came over for dinner, and that is always a good time :)  I tried a new recipe: Pretzel Honey Mustard Chicken, and it was a hit!  We also had homemade macaroni and cheese and Rachel brought cookie dough over to make cookies for dessert.  The kids played so well and everyone made it until about 10!  Jackson did fall asleep while sitting on the island leaning on me.  I wish we had a picture of that!  

On Saturday, Josh finished up a crazy busy work week by working from home :(  I took Jackson to his first birthday party at a "place."  By that I mean not at someone's house.  We went to his good buddy, Cole's, party at Kids in Motion.  It really was fun, albeit a little tricky to navigate with an infant...  Jackson had a great time jumping on the inflatables, but I want to take him back some time when Josh can come with us.  They had some really neat (but scary) looking inflatables that had huge slides and obstacle courses!  I couldn't get up there and climb with him since I had Graham, but I think Josh and Jackson would have a blast!  It was so cute watching all the little kids lined up at the tables for cake and juice--Jackson had a BLAST!  

From the party, we rushed home so we could go on a double date with Susie and Joe!!!  We got one babysitter at our house, and she watched all three kids.  We had a glorious evening!  We tried out the new steakhouse that just opened down the road, The All American Steakhouse, and it was SO good!  The food was all really yummy, the service was great, and the atmosphere was cozy.  All good dates end at Dairy Queen, right?  A lovely evening!

To finish out the weekend: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
The Bashores and Yanceys both came over and we had such a good time!  We made Pizza Bites, Cheesy Bread, and Banana Pudding.  Rachel and Jake brought Oreo Truffles, Buckeyes and Fat Dip.  Susie and Joe brought wings and a huge platter of fruit and fruit dip.  LOTS of yummy food is really what I am in this event for :)  Graham went to sleep not long after kick-off, and then I was able to just relax and enjoy our friends, food and commercials :)  The big kids played so nicely together--we even sent them upstairs so it would be less chaotic downstairs, and they had everything all cleaned up by the end of the game!

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