Saturday, January 19, 2013

We Heart Chick-fil-a!

 I must admit we have been spending more and more time at Chick-fil-a...  It really is a great place to meet friends for lunch and then playtime.  We really don't eat out very often, especially for lunch, but Chick-fil-a has the whole package: yummy food, pleasant atmosphere, super friendly staff, and kid entertainment.  When we do meet friends for lunch, it is not unusual for us to spend at least two hours hanging out.  That is totally worth it to me!  Springfield got a brand new Chick-fil-a...after we moved to Dumfries!  LOL  The only problem is it does NOT have a play space!  WHAT?!  That was a sad surprise the first time we went :(  Luckily, there were some real live firefighters eating lunch next to us at the beginning of the year, and they let Jackson and Rachel climb on the truck!!!  How fun is that???  Too bad they can't just park in the parking lot all the time as a substitute for the play area...
 This fireman was SO nice!  First he lifted up Jackson and Rachel so they could sit in the back of the truck.  They thought that was great, and they weren't sure how seriously to take him when he offered to let them sit in the driver's seat!
 After a little encouragement, they tried that out too!
Cute little firefighters :)

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