Saturday, January 5, 2013

Graham is Seven Months Old!

All of a sudden time is flying!!!  I do feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of truly enjoying Graham each day, but the first few months went much more slowly...
 First things first, Jackson still LOVES being a Big Brother!  He wants to see Graham first thing each morning, and gets excited every time Graham wakes up and comes to see him :)  Graham LOVES his Big Brother just as much, if not more!  He watches everything he does, and is usually entertained!  Graham does not help our cause when we are reminding Jackson to be gentle, because he laughs at just about everything Jackson does.  BOYS!  LOL
 Graham went for his flu booster shot, and I got to weigh him--21 pounds!!!  CRAZINESS!  I checked Jackson's records, and he was around 21 pounds at a YEAR old!  Graham is just about to outgrown his infant seat :(  That will sure make running around a little different...
 Graham started eating sold food this month!  He eats a tub of fruit mixed with about a quarter cup of cereal in the morning and then a tub of veggies mixed with cereal for dinner.  Funny enough, he is not nursing any less!  
 Graham continues to show us his fantastic sense of humor, and we really can't help but be in a good mood when we are playing with him :)  We just love our little family of four!

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