Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feeling Spiffy on a Beautiful Day!

 Yesterday we totally stayed home and I spent the morning cleaning.  When it was time to get dressed, Jackson chose this button down shirt!  I love that that's what he chose on this stay-at-home-usually-in-our-jammies-day!  Of course I dressed Graham in one of my favorite little shirts--a button down checked shirt with a little red bug on the pocket!
 Mr. GJS
 Mr. JAS
 Once I was finished cleaning, and naps/quiet time were had, we took a walk to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!  Graham sat in the stroller like a big boy for the first time--he LOVED it!
 Holding hands
 Our troop (you can see the top of Graham's head in the stroller)
 We came home and Jackson asked to shoot some baskets.  Sure!
 He had some great shots!
It was such a nice breath of fresh air to get some nice weather in the middle of our coldest days :)

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