Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Day Fun!

On New Year's day, we hung out at Mimi and Bampa's getting packed and trying to leave the house in some sort of order after we totally took over it for 10 days!  In the late afternoon we headed to hang out with Mimi for dinner and a game again.  Jackson got Sequence for Kids, so we took that with us.  It went much quicker than Trouble the night before ;)
Bampa and Graham deciding what card to play :)  They were a good team!
Bampa and Daddy went to pick up Potbelly sandwiches for dinner.  Mimi and Jackson read one of his new books while I walked Graham around to get him to take a nap in the stroller.
I know it was so hard for my mom to not get to hold Graham (and Jackson), so we tried to get him as close to her as possible!
Not an awful attempt at a group picture...
Jackson was rolling a fire truck back and forth with Bampa.  Graham clearly thought this was fantastic!!!  I just love the looks on his face in all of these pictures!
This was the last time we visited with Mimi, and it was SO hard to leave :(  The last few days, we were able to have some really fun visits--I know Jackson enjoyed reading and playing games with Mimi!  It will be nice to look forward to a more "normal" visit soon!

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