Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Days

 We are continuing to take advantage of our pass to the Prince William Forest!  We took a hike that ended at the Bear Playground :)  We packed a picnic lunch that we left in the car, so Josh left us to play and hiked back to the car with Pax.  Perfect on all accounts since Josh is usually up for a longer hike than Jackson can stand.  Jackson was more than happy to play while we waited for our lunch to arrive :)
 Mommy and Graham relaxing :)
 LOVE this face!!!
 Josh saw this idea on Pinterest, and Jackson was super excited to make our own!
 He proceeded to eat everything on this plate, the other half of the orange and banana, five chicken nuggets, a container of yogurt, and then a smiley face made of more marshmallows, raisins, and cherries!  Where does he put it all???
 Believe it or not, I never quite unpacked from our time in the hospital or all the laundry.  Things have just piled up, and up, and up!  I've been trying to keep the downstairs living areas tidy, but that means lots of stuff gets dumped in our bedroom.  I knew I needed (wanted) to get this all straightened up before I started packing for our trip.  FINALLY, I got it all organized, put away, rearranged!
 Unmade bed and Pack-n-Play that now lives in our room 
 More dumping ground
 My closet BEFORE
My closet AFTER :)
This includes maternity clothes taken off of hangers, folded, and stacked on a shelf I moved into the closet, but you can't see because it's behind the door.)
Extra space in our room.  After moving the baker's rack up to our room and two bookshelves out, we finally feel like this area is finished! 
Not MUCH of a difference, except I've been better at making the bed, and we scootched the Pack-n-Play over to the actual corner.

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