Sunday, July 8, 2012

Staying Cool

BIG NEWS: Josh made Jackson his very own mini-set of clubs!!!  Paw Paw did it for him when he was starting out, and he has been looking forward to doing this for Jackson for about 3 1/2 years :)  He took a few of his old clubs and sawed them down to an appropriate size.  Then he sliced open the grips and reattached them to the smaller clubs.  Jackson LOVES them and thinks they are so special!  He has a putter, a 3 wood, a 5 iron, and a pitching wedge.  They play most nights in the backyard.  Jackson's mantra goes something like this, "Get comfortable over the ball.  Up, down, and through."  It is so sweet--he really has been listening to and retaining what Josh tells him.
While Larry was here, they decided to hit the driving range.  No matter that it was probably over 100 degrees...  Larry and Josh seriously considered playing a whole round over the weekend, so this was a much better option!
Jackson stayed occupied the whole time with his pile of balls!  He had some great shots too!
The JASes golfing :)
Three of my boys!
All lined up
Such a little golfer!
And...the fourth of my boys :)
Summer baby toes!
A prop
Graham getting in on the golfing action.  I'm planning this to be the key to quiet weekends in about ten years or so--the boys all off golfing and me with peace and quiet in the house :)
A little time was spent practicing putting too!
High fives!
Once the boys had sweat out about half their body weight, we headed to Chick-fil-A for Larry's first experience there!!!  It was PERFECT!  The place was empty even though it was noon on a Saturday.  We got a prime booth seat right next to the play area.  We all enjoyed our food and then Jackson was happy to play while the rest of us enjoyed our cold sodas and the air conditioning :)
Before a delicious dinner of pork burgers, Josh made AMAZING homemade saganaki!!!  MMMM!!!

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