Thursday, July 26, 2012

Evanston Layover Part 1

You can't quite tell, but the boys are wearing their "matching" outfits that I realized I had on accident!  LOL  Really the fact that they are in stripes and the stripes are orange and turquoise is the only matchy part...
Jackson LOVED playing around in the music room!
We jumped right in with things to do on this trip!  We kicked off the visit by taking Josh to visit Dad at school so he could see the finished product of Roycemore in her new home J  Mom came with since she had the day off, so after the tour we all went to Herms’ for lunch.  SOOOO yummy!!!  
After naptime, Mom, Jackson, Graham, and I headed to visit with The BEST Group (Becker, Ehrlenbaugh, Smith and Tadelman for all of our last names).  Jackson was super excited to play with Ryleigh and her toys—he even remembered his favorite toy at her house: the Fisher Price mailbox!  LOL  We had a great time as always visiting and catching up!
 Auntie Abbey made some delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches!
This was a slow morning for us.  Josh and Dad were supposed to golf, but we had a heavy storm overnight.  We spent some time looking for a different course that was allowing the use of carts.  After they went off, I took the boys to Herms’ on my own, then back to the house for naps.  Jackson took an excellently long nap, so Graham and I enjoyed the quiet (he did that by napping too)!  That afternoon Mimi and I took the boys to visit Nan.  She was so looking forward to meeting Graham!  We had a good little visit in her apartment and then we took her with us to meet up with Josh and Dad for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill.  
Silly Boys!!!

Yesterday, Mom had the day off, so she was able to come with me to meet Donna, Christina, and Christina’s son, Russell, for lunch at Chik-fil-a!  I was thrilled there was a Chik-fil-a this “close” to Evanston, since I thought the only one in IL was way into Chicago.  I was able to get my peach shake, finally, and it was delicious J  We had such a nice time catching up.  Usually I pack up Jackson and drive all the way out to Elgin to visit friends I taught with.  This works well during the school year because I get to catch former colleagues, students, and parents.  Since it was summer, and since I always wish I had more time to catch up with certain people, I tried to get us all together somewhere where we could sit and chat.  This was great because Jackson was able to play in the play area and we were actually able to talk like adults!  
In the evening, Jackson was thrilled to have Katie come babysit!  Of course, Graham rounded out our party of four grown-ups ;)  Jackson was so excited for Katie to come over, and we were so excited to carry on conversation without a little voice needing a turn to talk every five seconds ;)  We went to Wildfire for dinner, but then we drove over to Baker’s Square for dessert!  Wildfire was yummy, but it was SO loud!  Baker’s Square was more our speed J 

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