Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marine Corps Museum at Quantico Before Showing Our Natitude!!!

Friday morning we headed over towards Quantico to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  To be honest, we were just looking for a time killer in air conditioning.  We were blown away by how well done the museum was, and how much there was to see!  
The museum was pretty kid friendly.  Right away in the huge entry hall, there was this display.  There were four different cut outs for kids to pose with.  Each cut out had a corresponding hat to complete the uniform!
Larry, Jackson, Graham and Me
Jackson standing in the male recruit spot
There were plenty of buttons to push!
Trying on the marine backpack--looking tough!
This was one of two kid areas.  There were some costumes, this awesome fishing exhibit, and a knot tying area.
Fishing for fishies!
Yet more "dress ups!"
One more cut out
We have made it a bit of a tradition to attend a Nats game while Larry is in town.  This year for his birthday we gave him the t-shirt he's wearing in this picture, a ticket to the game and the promise of food once we were there!
Family shot!
Posing with his favorite president :)
Graham is clearly showing his Natitude :)
There is never a bad time to kiss Baby Graham :)
Daddy and Graham Bear
Group shot at the stadium
I can't remember the last time the three of us were in one place to have a picture together!  I know Emily and Josh go to a lot of Nats' games, so I texted her from our seats before the game started to see if they were by chance at this game.  THEY WERE!  YAY!  
Jackson posing with The Gecko
Nephew and uncle :)
I LOVED that Larry didn't hesitate to offer Jackson a shoulder ride!

We had a great time at the game!  I would consider it a huge success as our first really big outing with both boys.  I wore Graham in the Moby Wrap, and Josh and Larry were happy to give Jackson shoulder rides.  We stayed for the whole game (the Nats ended up losing to the Rockies--oh well), and then we decided to stop for cold drinks.  It was still 99 degrees even at the time of the first pitch at 7:05pm!  We were hot messes by the end of the night.  Of course, however, ALL the fans had the same idea as us to stop at McDonald's outside the stadium.  I've never seen it take so long to receive an order of one Dr. Pepper, two waters, and a jug of milk.  Sheesh!  Josh took Jackson back to the car, but Larry, Graham and I waited, and it took forever!  I've never been so happy to sit down in an air conditioned car :)

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