Friday, July 6, 2012

An Uncle, Nephews and Tuxes

We were thrilled to have Uncle Larry come for a visit!!!  He got to meet his newest nephew when he was 4 1/2 weeks old as opposed to the over two months Jackson was.
They are buds :)
Jackson had THE BEST time playing with Uncle Larry!!!  They spent this afternoon playing with blocks and Duplos.
They made all sorts of towers, etc.
We went to Red Robin for dinner, and then we headed over to Men's Wearhouse for Jackson and Josh to get fitted for their tuxes for Larry's wedding!  Jackson was all about getting measured for his "fancy clothes!"
The gentleman that did the measuring was fantastic!!!  He asked Jackson's permission before just picking him up and standing him on the tall table.
Measuring his shoulders...
Measuring his underarms...
Measuring his waist!
Then it was Daddy's turn to get measured :)
Practicing posing by the mannequin ;)
And, the outfit will be completed with fancy shoes, of course!

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