Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Have Such a Fun Daddy!

Our pirate water table that we've had for quite a few summers really needed to be retired, and I was really intrigued by the tutorial to make this cool water table!  Josh was pretty on board, and we bought the supplies and put it together pretty easily...  I stumbled a bit as I used the PVC glue to secure everything, but I think we have it worked out ok!  The boys really are loving well as the neighborhood friends :)

Brother Teamwork finding a cache
We were at Holmes Run Stream Valley Park, and this paved trail was perfect for some scootering!

Who doesn't love a creek crossing (or about a dozen on this adventure)?
Scootering THROUGH the creek!

All Terrain Scooters (ATSes)

Love these little adventurers!
Selfie on a fun family day!

August Family Selfie!
What better way to end a fun outdoor adventure than with Rita's Italian Ice treats to support Pattie on Spirit Night?

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