Monday, August 22, 2016

Baseball, Here We Go!

Well, we made the big switch to baseball this season...  I was really nervous, but so far, I am already more pleased than I have been in the last three seasons or so of soccer, and we haven't even started playing games!  I'll call that a win...  Our call from our coach came even before the specified date, he was impressive on the phone and seems pretty organized.  We have a list of our first few practices and the game schedule is coming soon. Not only does Coach Rob know what he is doing while running a practice, he has TWO assistant coaches helping him with it all!  Such a pleasant change...
The weather is SOOO hot!  Hitting water balloons off the tee was a perfect end to practice!
This little brother enjoyed Jackson's baseball practice juuuussst fine: Coach Chris came over to Graham and gave him a baseball to hold. He showed G how to hold it and encouraged him to hold it really tightly. Then he asked him to hold the ball over his head and keep squeezing. Meanwhile, Coach snuck a water balloon over G's head and popped it just right so G literally thought he squeezed water out of a baseball!!!  Someone was pretty pleased with himself... 
Getting comfy at the plate

SUCH a *cute* stinker!
Killing time in the dugout during another practice!  Games start soon...!!!

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