Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jackson's Special Day Plus One

Graham made sure we knew right off the bat this summer how feisty he'd be, and I felt bad for Jackson that the days weren't necessarily as fun/calm/quiet/more pleasant like he perhaps deserved...  Josh quickly thought of the idea to give Jackson a day all about him!  So, Jackson made a list:
 1. Fishing, 2. Park, 3. Pool (Creek), 4. Lego Star Wars, 5. Natural History Museum (Saved for a future date), 6. Mall (Did lots of times with Mommy this summer), 7. Go on a train (Tomorrow!), 8. Find 11 caches (Did on a different really fun day!), 9. Go on a tour, 10. Get a trumpet, 11. Have a playdate...
 ...12. Go to McDonalds, 13. Go to movie theater (Did last weekend), 14. Make slime (Did this on a rainy summer day already), 15. Make a present for Mommy, 16. Build a Lego (Saved for a future date!)

 They started off this fun day by inviting Izzy for some fishing.  Izzy ended up staying all day.  And, all night :)  After fishing at Locust Shade, they stopped at The Marine Corps Museum to play at the playground and visit a bit of the museum.  Then, lunch at McDonalds!
The afternoon was spent mostly having an adventure in the creek area behind our house.  These friends came home with them...   
The late afternoon activity was working on my special surprise!  Josh cut the wood and the kids got to work sanding and painting!

Then, Josh assembled the pieces into a box!
It's a place where I can keep special things :)

We took a small bathing break, and Izzy went home to collect her sleepover gear before joining us for dinner, playing Zelda with Josh and sleeping over.
We still needed to fulfill "Ride a train."  Luckily Burke Lake Park has not only a train, but a carousel, a great playground and cool woods to play in!  I loaded up our provisions, and off we went!
We bought our tickets for the carousel and the train.
The carousel was going to run first.

All ready for our train ride!

What a sweet bunch :)
Spontaneous tee-pee building!
We had SUCH a fun day with Izzy!  I think Jackson truly enjoyed doing all of the special things on his list :)  

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