Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Days

Continuing with the trend of starting our mornings early...  But, you do get to watch the Garbage Men...
Graham's face of pure excitement over this is pretty cute...
These friends have been so hospitable and taken us with them to the pool loads!  These treats may or may not have been earned by some swift toy-cleaning-up-moments-before-we-left-for-the-pool... ;)

Of course the summer camps I had my eye on for the boys and swim lesson levels, locations and times did not all line up so perfectly...  That's ok, I just did a little more driving back and forth.  Graham had a week of camp first at a great park near us called Locust Shade.  His camp was Little Naturalist and he even got to do it with some buddies who will be in his preschool class this coming year!  Jackson started swim lessons at the same time, so after dropping Graham at camp, we drove to the rec center (on the other side of town) for swim lessons.  Then the whole process switched after that as Jackson did Naturalist camp at the same great park and Graham took swim lessons.  It was a bit of a flurry of activity!
Graham's level of swim lessons happens in the kiddie pool, so they get to have a few minutes of play time at the end with the mushroom turned on and toys out to play with.
One of the mornings Jackson was at camp, Graham and I spent a little time at the mall play area full of fruit!

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