Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve Fun Day!

Instead of exchanging gifts for the kids, Brandi and I decided we would go DO something all together!  I think that was perfect (especially since they are all in withdrawal from all of the super fun days they had together on their Super Ultimate Sleepover this summer!).  Our plan evolved through a few ideas, and we finally settled on Fantasy Kids in Mundelein.  It was perfect!  We also managed to unintentionally plan to go during a daytime New Years Eve "party" they had since they were only open for three hours that day.  We paid admission, and for that day it came with a few tokens and a goody bag!  There were lots of choices of what to play: about six different bouncers, rock climbing wall, dance floor, go karts, a small arcade and a toddler area.
Air hockey was a big hit!
Ready for go karts!
Of course, Graham had to go too!
Ready to race!!!
Kaitlyn ready to rock!
Graham decided at the last minute he only wanted me to ride with him!  We had a fun race with Jackson and Kaitlyn :)
We did a great job wearing everyone out, so after picking up lunch at Portillos, we laid Graham and Liam down for naps, set Kaitlyn and Jackson up with a movie, sent Scott out to keep Josh company while he found his last few caches leading up to 1,000, and Brandi and I hung out and snuggled Ellie :)  After resting, Jackson helped Liam and Kaitlyn build a really fun Lego Liam got for Christmas!
Scott was a great wingman braving the freezing cold with Josh to go out on this mission!  Notice the sign has all of the stages of a beard :)

Brandi and I took a turn to go out on our own sans kids--we went to the ever-exciting Target, but it IS so exciting when it's just us :)  We grabbed coffee and got in some good catching up.  We got back just in time to do a little photo shoot of the kids all jammied-up wearing their swag from the "party" earlier!  

It was SO fun to get to spend the day with the Buerstattes!  We didn't plan anything super exciting to ring in 2015, but just spending time together was perfect :)
Check out Josh's bedazzled beard!
After Graham went to bed, the bigger kids baked a treat in Kaitlyn's Easy Bake Oven, and I took the time to make our traditional New Year's Eve Hats!
The next two pictures I took today since Graham was asleep last night ;)
Happy New Year!!!  Here's to 2015 being full of new adventures!!!

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