Monday, January 19, 2015

Such Cuteness Amidst the School Delays...

Jackson had been asking to go back to Build a Bear to build a reindeer, and he ended up with a little Christmas money, so that's what we went to do after getting back into town!  Our new friend's name is Blitzen, and he can most often be seen sporting Star Wars jammies :)
It's a good life while Mommy cleans after weeks and weeks of craziness and travel!
Fresh haircuts, cute fleeces and a fire!
We finally got outside for a run!  It was chilly, but worth it!
A new Lego build on a "snow" day!
Baby Heff ;)
I cannot get enough of this picture!
My handsome BIG boy!
Such silliness
Lots of stories in this weather...
Yogurt belly...sigh...

We have had quite a few two-hour delays, and one whole day off due to the weather...  Who knows what's to come still?

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