Monday, January 26, 2015

Mid-Winter Visit to the Valley

We used part of Jackson's long-weekend to end the 2nd quarter of Kindergarten to visit Gramma, Aunt Murph, Uncle Larry, Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne!  Our first stop was Gramma!
 Jackson reading TO Gramma :)
 Even our littlest guy knew that you always get ice cream at Gramma's :)
 Coloring :)
 LOVE this picture!  Gramma made us a delicious lunch of spaghetti and meatballs, fed us ice cream treats, and just hung out for the first part of the day.  After a little down time for Jackson, a short nap for Graham and us trying to help her set up her Kindle, we took off for our next stop.
 We got to Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry's with some time to hang out before dinner.  Graham always loves checking out pictures of himself on other people's phones ;)
 Snacking as Aunt Murph got ready for dinner.
 Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne joined us for dinner and hanging out afterwards!!!
 The Smiths and the Haysletts
 We spent the night at Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry's, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed watching Uncle Larry fill the birdfeeders... and the results!
 We headed out to Gypsy Hill Park for a little fresh air and to burn off some energy.  I LOVE this park and so wish we had something just like it near our house...  Aunt Murph sent the boys with a couple of quarters to feed the ducks--it was a hit!
 They all flocked right over once the boys threw the first pellets in!
 Sweetness :)
 Not to be left out!
 The firepole is one of Jackson's more recent accomplishments at the playground, and he loves showing it off!
 Our own Spiderman!
 King of the rock wall!
 Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry met us for lunch before we hit the road for home!
Back at home snuggling under their new blankets (we did a little belated Christmas celebrating!)  :)  We had a great time catching up, and luckily the weather behaved to help us enjoy ourselves!

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