Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fun Visiting

Aunt Michelle is so fun to play with...I especially appreciate her willingness to play games with my eldest early in the morning ;)  This hand-me-down version of Cariboo was SO fun and enjoyed by both boys!  
Mom took Jackson to a movie, Josh was out hunting down some particular geocaches, so I left Bampa on nap-duty and snuck out to Barnes and Noble for coffee and to read :)
Feeding their friends a picnic :)
Settling in to watch "woof woofs" 

The stars aligned, and we were able to plan a whole day out in "the far away suburbs" to see the Cocallases and the Mullens on the same day!!!  We started out at Kim and David's house playing with Mia!  Then we all headed out to Culvers for a DELICIOUS lunch!  It was SOOO yummy, and made us want to take a nap!  Ha ha!  
Graham spent most of his time napping at Mary Jo and Mark's house, and we so appreciated their willingness to set us up for that!  Jackson and James had a GREAT time picking their friendship up and playing all afternoon!  There was some Lego exploration, dress-up, Wii playing and snacks.  Bobby went in between the big boys and the grown-ups, and Mikey and Graham joined us for the last hour or so.  It was "that time of day," so we weren't able to get a picture of all of the boys :( 
Yesterday we headed out again for another full day...this time to Cary to visit the Tabions!  We got to meet Baby Quinn, and even though she had a terrible cold, she was so sweet and let everyone hold her :)  It was SO fun to catch up and hang out like old three children!  Dana and Age even ordered lunch from the Crystal Lake Rib House where we used to eat at least once a week when we lived in Crystal Lake--it was SO YUMMY!

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