Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fitting it All In!

 After Mimi and Bampa left, we got to work on the trees!  Josh and I have a tradition that just started itself, and we love it: we put up the trees (yes, we have two--this house is fabulous for Christmas decorations!) and decorate with lights while listening to Christmas music after the kids are in bed!  Then, I let Jackson help decorate the tree with all of our special ornaments--I love showing them to him and telling their stories.  Maybe next year Graham will get to help...  Graham was fascinated by the train Josh set up around the tree in our front room!
 Doing some hard-core coloring!

We hit up ZooLights and had a gorgeous evening for it!  We also ended up going with the Carrillos, who we always have a great time with!

 Jackson was all about taking pictures with all animal statues--I have trained him well ;)
 Three "hood"lums after dinner at Noodles and Company :)
 Bedtime cuteness :)
 A totally unprompted and adorable letter to Santa: Dear Santa, Please can I have a walkie talkie for Christmas?  Love, Jackson  The picture is of a tree and for Santa and Sal (our elf).
 We celebrated Josh's birthday a few days early with a date night with the Yanceys to Flight Trampoline Park and dinner at Yard House!  The guys tried three different beers each, and Susie liked one so much she ordered her own!
 Happy 34th to my bearded mountain man of a hubby :)
 Jackson was THRILLED to visit Santa!  Graham, not so much :(
 Graham WAS thrilled with his special reindeer cookie from Mrs. K. at library storytime!  She is THE BEST, and we love our Wednesday storytimes :)
Jackson's Gingerbread House from school!

It's just about time to hit the road for the rest of the holiday celebration fun in Evanston!!!

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