Monday, December 22, 2014

Penny's First Road Trip, Hanging out with Conners, Meeting Olivia, and Evanston FINALLY!

I was SO proud of myself for getting everything packed and loaded in the car so we could leave on time: 3am Saturday morning!!!  The boys slept some more in the car, and then we started a pretty good travel day of snacking, movies, books and toys.  We had a fun stop at a Chick fil a in Ohio for lunch and powered through the last few hours before arriving at the Conners!!!
We were SOOO happy to arrive for lots of reasons, but this sweet face was #1!  Miss Olivia May :)
Everyone was excited to hold her :)
Graham LOVED the "bay-bee" and holding her!
I put myself on baby-holding duty while all of the kids played together and Josh was able to finally relax after a ridiculous work schedule AND driving us part-way overnight all the way to Indy--everyone wins!  ;)
I suppose this is what life would look like if we had one more...  Good thing we aren't finding out!
There was some fun game playing!
More baby holding
And, Christmas cookie baking!
Katie was a brave woman, and she gave each of the kids a little mound of dough to "roll out" to then use a cookie cutter with.  It was pretty funny!
All of the kids were asleep, and I happily continued my baby-holding duties :)
Right back at it in the morning!
This was the cutest!
We bribed the kids with present-opening and ice cream at lunch to get a nice picture :)
Caleb (3 1/2), Lexi (5), Graham (2 1/2), Paige (7 1/2), Jackson (6), Olivia (1 month)
So excited it was his turn :)
Ice cream faces!
Quite pleased with his own cone!
LOVE baby faces!
Pretty tree at Mom and Dad's!
 Vacation in Chicago officially commences: Lou Malanti's while wearing bacon pants :)

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