Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Resort at Governor's Crossing

Our first morning at the water park was amazing!!!  We got there right when it opened and we were so pleased!  It was the perfect water park for all of the kids, big and small ;)  There were two huge water slides, a standard pool (we didn't spend much time in it), a hot tub, a splash pad area with a tiny water slide, and a zero-entrance pool with a mushroom sprinkler.  We borrowed a Puddle Jumper from Graham before we left, but there were life vests there for kids to use!  Jackson was happy to wear the life vest and he was even happier to launch him down the fastest water slide ALL WEEKEND!  He also liked spending time in the hot tub!  So excited with my little fish :)
I can't believe Brandi caught this shot of Jackson and Kaitlyn's faces as Josh shot out of the water slide super fast!
Graham peeking up the tiny water slide!
Graham also LOVED the big water slides!
The grown-ups had fun racing down the slides too :)
After a lovely naptime of relaxing in our room, we headed out for a few stops.  We started at Harrisburg Covered Bridge, and it was such a pretty bridge for a photo shoot :) 
 The Fabulous Foursome!
 Love this littlest squeeze! 
 Smooches from Mommy! 
 Oh, these two!  LOVE them and their special little friendship :) 
Three Boys and One Little Lady
 Brandi and her sweet kiddos
 In front of the bridge
Love our little family :)
 For some reason, we don't have any pictures, but we stopped next at a cool, wooden playground to burn off some steam before dinner.  Then, we split up for a bit: Brandi and I hung out with the kids at Chick fil a while they ate and played while Scott and Josh headed out to dinner (since they were staying in with the kids for the rest of the night).  There were funny cow hats!
We all went back to the hotel, Graham went to bed, and then Brandi and I went OUT by OURSELVES!  We had an interesting dinner and then did some retail therapy.  It was just like old times :)

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