Friday, March 7, 2014

The Last of the Long Weekend Fun!

Our second morning spent at the water park was just as much fun as the first!  There was plenty more rides down the water slide, splashes in the pool, and soaks in the hot tub :)
Our routine worked well from the first day, so after the water park we did quick baths and then lunch and naps.  
Brandi and I snuck away again for a little Starbucks and shopping at the outlet mall.  
Then we went down to the playground at the hotel.  There was also a very small miniature golf course available to play at the hotel.  This was a great way to enjoy some fresh air and run off some energy before heading to dinner!
 So happy playing what the big kids are playing! 
 Mini golfers

Kaitlyn putt-putting
It won't be long before Liam and Jackson can round out the foursome with Scott and Josh!
 Brandi bought some sticky mustaches for a photo shoot!  Hilarity! 
We weren't about to be left out!  

We were able to squeeze in another full morning of swimming before we had to check-out on Monday.  We had been so lucky to still the Buerstattes somewhat regularly, but we needed to fill our tank with hanging out fun for sure!  It was prefect to have a two room suite where we could all just be together and squeeze in as much fun as possible!

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