Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Graham is 21 Months!

​Oh, this kid.  We could not love him any more!  He already is showing such a personality filled with humor, tenderness, opinions, and smiles :)  I had every intention of posting an 18-month update at the beginning of December, but, that clearly didn't happen!  Neither did the 19-month update last month, or the 20-month update...  So, here we are with a 21-month update!  LOL  
Graham's vocabulary is definitely improving: mama, dada, touchdown, ball, car, woof, choo-choo, uh-huh and cheese as well as learning to sign "please" and "thank you!"  He mimics us to say, "Shhh..." by putting his finger to his lips and he likes to find any phone (pretend or real) and hold it up to his eye and say, "Cheese!" to pretend to take a picture.  It's hilarious!  He clearly has communication down pat, though!  He understands what we are saying, and he will follow directions to complete simple tasks.  He has entered the phase where he cries really big when he hurts himself, but a kiss makes it all better!  He wants to have a turn to do EVERYTHING!  I just love watching his face as he seriously watches Jackson, and then gets excited to try himself.  Right now, they are very happy chasing each other around the kitchen!
Graham still LOVES to eat!  Hotdogs, pizza, macaroni and cheese, chicken, hamburgers, green beans, carrots, strawberries, bananas, grapes, peaches, pears, pancakes, cereal, peanut butter and jelly, cheese, yogurt, and snacks!  
Graham LOVES books!  That makes this mama's heart super happy!  He is happy with a pile of books for a good length of time, but he really will only sit and listen to a story when it is sleep time and we are in his room rocking.  He insists that the routine include a snuggly blanket covering us as he sits on our lap!  Other favorite toys are the play shopping cart, doll stroller, cars, and the toy kitchen.
This is one happy kid who loves life!  We love him SO much and cannot imagine our lives without him :)

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