Friday, November 1, 2013

The Week-Long Halloween of 2013

Graham and Jackson all set to kick off Halloween Week: Trick or Treating at Wegmans and Stonebridge Town Center!
Both boys went dressed as Super Heroes for this--Graham LOVES his cape!  Jackson's costume for Halloween is a Super Duper Super Hero--Hulk mask, Batman shirt, Spiderman gloves, Captain America shield, and his own cape!  He is especially excited to add the shield and gloves to our dress-up collection :)
 First stop: pretend you are a leaf!
 Jackson as Lucy!
 Wegmans did an AMAZING job with this event!  At the door, they handed out maps laying out the ten stations for Trick or Treating.  All of the employees we saw were dressed in costume and seemed to be having such a good time!  There was even an area set up upstairs with complimentary apple cider and Halloween cookies!
 Hulk Jackson as Charlie Brown :)
After finishing up at Wegmans (and seeing a friend from school!!!), we headed out into the breezy evening to meander around the stores in the Stonebridge Town Center.  Most stores participated, but there were signs in the windows letting you know who was handing out candy just to be sure.  We took turns taking Jackson in stores and standing with Graham.  Needless to say, 4:30-6 was not his preferred time to be walking around in the stroller, but he did pretty well!  There were a few games set up and extra booths from area businesses.  This picture is from one of my favorites--a huge duck pond in one of the fountains!  The ducks were all Halloween themed (Jackson's was a mummy), and you pick out a duck and check the number on the bottom.  The number corresponded with a box from which to choose a treat.  And, you got to keep the duck!  
One of my two new favorite decorations I made this year!  Graham's foot on the left and Jackson's on the right.  Paxton's was my interpretation of what I thought his paw-print would look like :)
This is the only picture I have to represent our Halloween Cul-de-sac Party!  I made Jello cups to look like candy corn!  Hallie again planned our second annual Halloween party, complete with donut eating off of strings dangling from tree branches, a broom pushing race game, glow bracelets, and yummy treats!  The kids had a great time!
School party #1!  Jackson had his first Halloween party at school on Wednesday (they have two parties so that kids that only attend a few days a week will get to go to one or the other--just one perk of going all the days!).  We brought glow-in-the-dark tattoos to hand out as the kids paraded around. 
 I can't believe my big Grahammers!  Last year at this time, I remember getting to school a little early, so I would have time to get him strapped in the Ergo before going in.  Now, he's walking around by himself :(  
After school we went to play with Cheata and Isaiah at Chick-fil-a to let them run off some of their crazy!  Some other friends met us, and it was the usual great outing at CFA with fun playing for the kids while the moms get to actually have a conversation!  We came home and carved our jack o'lantern!  Jackson designed the face :)
LOVE my boys!  LOVE Fall!
We all had new socks!  
Halloween Day!  Graham all set to hand out candy for school party #2!!!  He really did such a good job putting a candy in each kid's bag!  
Jackson's class parading by!  
Jackson's last pre-school Halloween parade
 Today we brought Bat Cookies for snack time.
Jackson's loot bags from school.  There were some really cute things in there as alternatives to candy!
It was a nice afternoon to run around and play with friends!  Izzy, Jackson, Graham and Mary pose with our pumpkins in their Halloween shirts!
I made hot dog mummies for dinner with homemade fries!  Then we got dressed for Trick or Treating with our friends!
Graham was a minion!  EASIEST costume ever!
Halloween 2013: Super Super Super Hero Jackson and Minion Graham
Super Duper Super Hero, Cowboy, Two American Girls
Best seat in the house :)
Off they go!
More super hero friends!  Superman Nicholas and Spiderman Christopher!
Batman Michael!  Jackson had SUCH a good time Trick or Treating in the neighborhood!  It drizzled a bit, but nothing to deter us.  We got home in time to hand out about five pieces of candy :(  Jackson was SO bummed!  He kept asking why no one else was coming to the door.  I kept telling him I couldn't MAKE people ring our bell!  LOL  I will have to see if we can think up a better balance for next year...  Needless to say, we were left with almost all of the candy I bought to hand out plus Jackson's amazing haul.  We had gotten a note from pre-school explaining they were collecting candy donations to take to a local shelter.  I talked to Jackson about that, and really without complaint, he sorted his candy out to take a good chunk to donate!
Today we had Jackson's FIVE-year check-up!!!  Since we were in the area, we planned to head to the Yanceys' to have dinner and play.  Aren't these three cute???  Ben and Graham would be even more excited if they understood the shirts glow in the dark!  LOL
Graham's pretty funny with Ben!  He really wants to play WITH him, but he obviously doesn't understand that Ben's not quite old enough to "play..."  Thanks, Susie for the delicious chili dinner and Derby Pie!

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