Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aunt Jenny :)

We don't see Josh's sister, Aunt Jenny, often, but boy was it good to see her!  We spent Veteran's Day in the Valley visiting Gramma, Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne, and Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry.  The only pictures I got were of Aunt Jenny!  She lives super close to Gramma now, so she came over to hang out while we spent a few hours together.  Jackson LOVED the little field trip she took him on out to the field and pond.  She carried Jackson onto this little "island," and then showed him an animal burrow.  They speculated about what might live in there, and I just loved watching him listen to her.  He ate up every word! 
Aunt Jenny, Graham, and Jackson
 Graham took to Jenny really fast and let her carry him back home from the field.  This is a big deal for him to let other people do something for him if I'm right there.  Score!
Can't tell these two are related, can you?  ;)
We had great visits with Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne and Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry.  It was a quick day, so we'll just have to head back soon!

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