Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall 2013 MinnieKickers

This is a picture from Jackson's first soccer practice for this fall season.  His coach was Coach Jon, and the team had a great season!  Jackson had so much fun and is already talking about the Spring season!
Jackson was a much more consistent player this season.  He started to get the hang of when to chase the ball and when to find a good spot to wait for a pass.  He scored at least once in every game, but his real skill was the number of assists he had!
First game!
GOOO Sharks!!!
Our last game was yesterday, and we got a great team picture!  Coach Jon, Milton, Jackson, Alex, Aiyana, Alek, Parker, Logan and Grant
Sharks with their trophies!
Silly faces :)
 Cool trophy!
Silly boy :)

We had the team party at our house, and it was so much fun!  Josh grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and each other family brought something to share.  The kids had a ball running around together, and we enjoyed getting to know some of the parents better.  I hope we get to play with a lot of these kids again in the Spring!!!

Here is a great video of Jackson's goal that he scored at the game while Mimi and Bampa were in town (beginning of October):

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