Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jackson Albert is FIVE Years Old!

Jackson turned FIVE on October 9th!!!  FIVE!  I can't believe it.  He had a GREAT day starting with celebrating at school!  We took Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with star sprinkles on them to school for snack.  I loved getting to take his picture by the special birthday poster at school.  Jackson loved his special crown and having his friends sing to him.
After school, we went right to McDonald's for a special birthday lunch with Miss Cheata and Isaiah!  The boys had a great time running around and playing with their new Batman toys.
 Sadly, it was a rainy day so soccer practice was cancelled.  But, that gave us more time to open presents and hang out as a family!
 Cute card!
 Glow-in-the-dark gloves!
Stomp rocket!!!
Jackson has grown SO much in so many different areas in the last year!  He is going to school five days a week, and it is so interesting to see the changes.  He tells us so much more about school now!  Last year all I ever heard was what his job was, what was for snack, and if they played on the playground.  Now he can't wait to tell us what they learned!  He is also sharing lots of the songs they sing at school.  I'm not going to lie--my heart is so happy when I hear so many of his classmates excited to see him!  He can count by tens to 100, he can count past 100 by ones, he can count by 3s and 4s to 20(ish), and he can recognize basic sight words.  He plays a fun game he made up all by himself EVERY morning on the way to school: each school bus we see earns him one point and each emergency vehicle or police car we see earns him 20 points.  This has turned into an excellent math activity as we add 20 to various numbers.  He's really getting the hang of it!
Jackson's imagination is in full-swing now, and he is always ready to join his friends in whatever game they are playing (Family is a favorite).  He loves reading, helping with Graham, baking, writing, drawing, riding his bike, and hanging out with friends in general.  We've had several babies born over the past year, and Jackson loves them!  He is so sweet and helpful.  Josh took Jackson out for his first round of golf this year!  They had such a good time, and I can see this definitely being a shared hobby.  Jackson played his second season of soccer and LOVES it!  He also became SO much more comfortable in the water this summer.  He jumps in and can swim a bit by himself without floaties.  He also doesn't mind getting his face wet as much anymore.  PROGRESS! 

Jackson sleeps from about 7pm-7am most nights.  He doesn't take a nap anymore on a regular basis, but if we have something extra special going on at night, I can usually entice him to take a snooze so he can be in a good mood later and stay up late...  As I'm thinking about the past year, I realized that Jackson eats a lot!  I think I probably chalked it up to a growth spurt a while ago, but I just realized it never really enede!  LOL 

Jackson started learning about knock knock jokes this year.  You can imagine what those sound like...  I took him to his first theater movie: "Planes."  On that note, he can recognize almost any Disney song!  Even from movies he's only seen once!  We like listening to the Disney station on Pandora together :)
One of the jobs in Jackson's classroom this year is the flag holder.  They have been practicing The Pledge of Allegiance each day!  He can say the whole thing!
This is the super cute Halloween song Jackson's class learned!

We had Jackson's five-year check-up yesterday.  He got a great report, and more importantly (in his eyes), he was able to get the flu mist instead of a shot!  He weighs 43lbs and is in the 68th %ile.  He is 3ft 8ins tall and in the 73rd %ile.  We can't believe our sweet boy is so old!  It's been a super fun five years, and we can't wait for all the rest ahead of us :)

Jackson is so looking forward to getting on that school bus next year for Kindergarten, but I'm hoping it takes a long time to get here :)

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