Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Birthday and Cinqo de Mayo

 Josh bought an inflatable kayak to try out while deciding how much kayaking he'd really do.  Luckily, he realized he would do a good amount of kayaking if he had his own before this one got a hole :(  It was not patchable, so...
 We bought a kayak while on my birthday date with Mom and Dad who arrived in town earlier in the day!!!
 Josh did a lot of research and found a great option to allow him to secure the kayak to the top of the Prius.  We love our ATP (All Terrain Prius)!
 After that adventurous outing, we had a delicious dinner at Coastal Flats followed by adult milkshakes at Ted's Bulletin.  Such a fun day with my favorite people :)
 Yesterday was a tad complicated...  I dropped Mimi off at Pattie to have lunch with Jackson, and right after picking her up from that, I headed over to preschool for Graham's Mother's Day Tea!
 The classes sang some adorable songs, and Graham just looked SO happy to be up there performing for me!
 Our Tea Time!
 There was a scramble at our table for the carrots, celery and dip!  LOL
 THEN, we picked up Mimi and went to Chick fil a for lunch :)
 To round out a really fun day, we decided to brave El Paso for dinner!  We knew it would be crazy, so we sent Mimi and Bampa ahead to put our name on the list and have a drink.  Surprisingly, the wait didn't end up being that long and Josh and I went over with the boys and we had a really fun and delicious dinner!
 Graham had just earned this new train, and it kept him busy during all of dinner!
 Cinqo de Mayo dinner!
Stories with Mimi :)

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