Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day on the Big Screen and at the Garden!

 What a perfect movie night for us :)
 On Saturday, Mimi, Bampa and I took the boys to the Manassas Air Show!  We've gone the last few years, and it ended up being a really nice day, so we ventured out.  The only part that is tricky each year is the shuttling to and from the parking lot.  Getting TO the air show was fine, but getting back to our car was a huge headache :(  It was really a bummer to end a fun day with long lines, bad attitudes (by other people) and disorganization.  But, we really had a great time!  The boys wanted to try one of the inflatable right away, and they were lucky to have Mimi and Bampa there to make that happen ;)  It was a pretty cool space shuttle slide...
 Jackson under the plane
 In front of the Abraham Lincoln!

 It did not take Jackson long to thrown the football through the hole!  They boys got cool water bottles from the Army!

 Someone brought a Flat Stanley!!!

 We relaxed after getting home and then headed to Red Robin for dinner!  Always a favorite :)  
 Another fun outing on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day!  We all had such a good time at the Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights this Christmas, that it seemed like such a fun idea to enjoy the Garden during Spring!  The Fairy Garden was the first thing we saw, and it was just adorable!

 We all had a great time!  We stopped at The Vienna Inn for lunch--a great choice!
Hanging out back at home.  We ordered Chinese for dinner to round out a really fun day :)