Sunday, September 27, 2015


We had tickets for a UVa football game!  True, the team isn't much to watch these days, but I'd never been to a game, it had been a long time since Josh had, and it was something he so enjoyed in college--we wanted to go back together!  After we got the tickets, however, the idea of a Friday night game that didn't start until after Graham's usual bedtime didn't sound so fun...  Luckily, we have some super neighbors that love Graham and were more than happy to hang out with him for the afternoon and have him sleep over :)  I did my usual Friday morning volunteering in Jackson's classroom, and then he and I left together right before his class left for lunch!
We had plenty of time to get to Charlottesville, so we stopped for a few caches along the way!
This is a wonderful example of why our family loves geocaching so much: this was such a pretty spot, but we NEVER would have visited it without the hunt of a cache!

Learning some random history...
Our little Big Boy!
Yup, you're reading that correctly!  Stonewall Jackson's arm was buried after being amputated from his still living body!  We also learn fun facts like this while caching... ;)

Our lunch stop at Sonic on the way to C-Ville was perfectly delicious!  Jackson scored these great glasses as his Wacky Pack prize!
We just love Charlottesville, and we definitely don't get back often enough.  BUT, Jackson's been enough times now that there are certain things he asks to see.  Edgar Allen Poe's room is one of them!

A little selfie while waiting for Jackson to listen to the recording at Poe's room
Jackson hung from this same tree this summer--LOL!  He kept asking when we'd get to it, so he could hang again!

Alum-Hoo and his Future Hoo (?!)
Wearing their matching shirts for the game!!!  I bought these shirts for them when Jackson was just born!

There were some vendors set up around the stadium, including Geico, who had some fun games to try.  Jackson got to put on a helmet and try to toss the football in the hole.  He made at least one!
Modeling his new sunglasses and beads from various vendors!
Josh's Uncle Larry hooked us up with a tailgate, so we hung out and had some dinner.  
Jackson's first soda!  He was a fan of the Sprite!
Playing some Baggo
FINALLY Fan Fest opened!  We had all been anticipating this, especially Jackson, since the weather was going downhill, and there was still a fair amount of time before the game.  There were huge inflatable slides,
a balloon artist making sabers, 
and fun photo ops.
Wahoowa!  Go Hoos!
It was finally time to head to the field!  The weather actually cleared up making for a pretty night.

There was also face painting at Fan Fest!
Family selfie!
Jackson had a blast!  It was so fun to take him on a special day date and give him all of our attention.  I know Josh always enjoys showing us around grounds and being back in one of his favorite spots, and I just love being with both of them :)  

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