Tuesday, September 8, 2015

End-of-Summer Caching Fun

Brother Bike Brigade!!!
Daddy grilling burgers on the deck and a friend to say, "Happiness!" to is a great way to end a fun summer day!
Graham walked across these stones all on his own!  He was super proud of himself, as were we :)
The Dad and Sons Geocaching version of Abbey Road???
We used this map to solve a geocaching puzzle.  The area was formerly used for equestrian activities, so there were some elements of that remaining.  We walked around the whole arena solving a puzzle that gave us the coordinates of where to head next.  It was a neat puzzle that we all were able to help with.
We had a tough time finding the cache in this area, but I don't think the boys even noticed they were waiting since they were busy having a great time playing in the creek, throwing rocks, etc.!
Even though Josh looks stumped at the edge of this picture, he did eventually find the sneaky cache!
Earlier in the summer, we did a little exploring at Lake Fairfax Park.  We picnicked right by this pretty creek, and we promised the boys we'd come back and bring bathing suits and Crocs to better play in the creek.  So, we did...today!
We picnicked again, and then the boys played in the creek for a good while.  
These four pairs of WET and muddy shoes are evidence of a GREAT Labor Day weekend!

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