Monday, September 14, 2015

Fun with Mimi!

Movie night with Mom!  Recharging from Graham's preschool orientation and gearing up for the real first day next!  We tried out the new fancy theater with tables, reserved seating, and leather recliners!
The last meal we ate on the road of our summer road trip was at Wendy's, and Josh really talked up the burgers to encourage Jackson to happily eat one for dinner.  It worked...almost too well!  He is obsessed!  His main request was to eat at Wendy's when Mimi was here!  LOL  So, off to Wendy's we went...
...then we all headed to Wegmans for a variety of things: Josh went to a geocaching get together, Graham and I did a bit of grocery shopping, and Mimi and Jackson had a little dessert date :)  LOVE Wegmans!
Then, we had some silliness in the check-out lane with Mimi's glasses!
Getting ready to head to the playground, but first a fresh attempt at a pseudo-First Day of School photo shoot for Graham :)

And, the boys found a caterpillar!

Playing at the playground near the Marine Corps Museum
I think this was my mom's idea...or Jackson's... Either way, it turned out so cute!
A fancy lunch at IHOP was next on the agenda.  We always have SUCH a good time when Mimi visits!  We all like to go to the bookstore, eat, play games, go to the playground and have little adventures :)

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