Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Valentine's Day that Lasted for Six Days

It's a good thing we got all of our fun Snow Day activities in on the first snow day since Jackson came down with a yucky stomach bug Thursday night :(  He was sick all night, but seemed through the worst by Friday morning.  He spent the day resting, drinking as much as I would let him, and having a little to eat.  We felt like some fresh air and a change of scenery would do everyone well, and we continued with our plan to carry on our Valentine's Day tradition of having Qdoba for dinner!
My littlest Valentine!
Daddy and HIS littlest Valentine!
Looking much better...
Looking a little more lethargic :(  He ended up being totally fine, other than tired.  BUT, Graham got the stomach bug on Sunday!  That was sad and pathetic :(  He handled it REALLY well, and he got sick right after lunch.  For me, that was easiest, since it was a time I was awake anyways.  He and I just hunkered down in the recliner surrounded by towels, and I let him doze whenever he wanted and held him when he got sick.  By bedtime he was through the worst, and he just wanted to rest.  Josh and I each got milder forms, but it seems to be gone from our house for now--it's definitely going around everywhere :/
Monday was already a scheduled day off of school for Presidents' Day, so the Valentine's Day parties were rescheduled for yesterday and today!  I made Graham some Valentines to hand out too :)  His were monster Valentines.
The front with a little Hershey's Hug :)
Jackson handed out these cool airplanes on Tuesday.  They are made out of a roll of Smarties, two pieces of gum, and two Lifesavers.
"It's PLANE to see why we're friends!  Happy Valentine's Day!"  Jackson wrote ALL of his friends names on the Valentines as well as signing his own.  I was SO proud of him!
These were Jackson's Valentines for Wednesday: "You Make My Heart GLOW!  Happy Valentine's Day!"  There is a glow stick going through the heart.
All of my Valentines ideas came with the help of Pinterest :)  This was for the teachers: a bottle of hand-soap with a note attached: "Here's SOAPIN' You Have a Great Valentine's Day!"
Even though this is ridiculous how long this holiday lasted, it worked out really well that we already had a snow day called when Jackson got sick, so he didn't have to miss his class party!  I also went ahead and waited to give the boys their cards and a few little treats until they were both feeling better!

Jackson had a blast at school with Valentine's Day, and he couldn't wait to show us the cards he got from his friends!  

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