Monday, February 10, 2014

Mimi Visits!

My mom came for a nice, long weekend visit!!!  It ended up being perfect timing because Josh was stuck working ALL weekend :(  We picked Mimi up at the airport on Wednesday after school, and we headed right to the play area at the mall since it was pretty cold out.  On Thursday we hung out at the house while Jackson was a school, but then we headed to Fredericksburg for lunch and some quality time at Barnes and Noble.
Jackson LOVES visiting the puppet display EVERY time we hit the bookstore.  This turtle was lucky enough to sit and read stories with us :)  Jackson used his giftcard to pick out some awesome books--two for the new Lego movie and one amazing Dinosaur book!  Seriously, it is amazing!
We love trips to the bookstore--we could all spend HOURS there!  Of course, on the way home we started thinking about dinner!  We decided to try this new BBQ place right down the road from us.  It ended up being delicious--a definite plus as we are trying to give our business to the smaller, local businesses!
Friday we hit the mall while Jackson was at school.  And, we took this selfie as we picked up Jackson :)  We tried out Bobby's Burger Palace for the first time for lunch, and it was SO delicious!  The burgers were some of the best we've had, and they have yummy sweet potato fries with a fabulous dipping sauce.  We left Josh to recover from his week and rest up for a weekend of work and went to a movie!  We saw "That Awkward Moment," and we were pleasantly surprised--it was really good!

On Saturday we went to a different mall to try a different play area--oh, winter weather!  We had a good time playing and having lunch before heading home for naps.  We ordered Chinese for dinner, and then Mom and I headed out for an exciting Saturday evening grocery shopping at Wegmans!  LOL  It is really fun to have her company for the everyday things we do!
Sunday morning reading time and snuggles with Mimi!
Jackson was SO excited to have Mimi help him make his Valentines for school!!!  They made a great team :)
Hard at work while Mommy made lunch before naptime and then taking Mimi to the airport :(  We had a WONDERFUL time, as always, and we are so glad we already have plane tickets for Spring Break to go to Evanston!

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