Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Date Knight!

Date Knight at Chick-fil-a Take Two!  I was ecstatic to see Chick-fil-a hosting this super fun event AGAIN!!!  The timing didn't work out for Josh to get home right in time for us to leave, so luckily the Walburger ladies were happy to entertain Graham :)  One day he will get to come on Date Knight, but not just yet...  Aimee took this cute picture of us before we left with her Be Mine decoration in the background--perfect for this pre-Valentine's Day date!
This year there was a face painter!!!
She was very patient and painted these awesome knight faces for all of the boys!
Decorations!  Castles, heart cookies and roses :)
Jackson was SO excited to see the cow!  The cow even did a little friendly sparring with Jackson and his shield!
Such brave knights!
And, of course, there was ice cream to top if all off!
This is quickly becoming a much-looked forward to tradition :)

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