Sunday, June 5, 2016

Graham Turns FOUR!!!

Our sweet, "Baby Graham" turned FOUR today!!! He's our own personal ham all day, every day! He charms everyone he meets, is the quintessential little brother, ends everyday with snuggles, loves stories, eats his weight in snacks, rocked his first year of preschool, and gets such joy out of making other people laugh. We had a really fun day celebrating him today and can't wait for him to enjoy his Paw Patrol birthday party next weekend!!! 

Josh had an opportunity he really couldn't pass up for a really fun paddling trip, so I encouraged him to go, even though it was on Graham's birthday.  We had plenty of fun things to keep us busy!  We had an errand at Target first thing:
After playing, we had lunch and an early nap, so we could get to Jackson's soccer game!
After nap, after soccer it was time to open some presents and cards!
New "Blaze" trucks!
Jackson showing Graham what he included on his special picture

Birthday cards!

We invited Bree, Alyssa and Alaina to meet us at Five Guys for birthday hamburgers and ice cream at Sweet Frog!  They said yes, so that made for a really fun end to the day!
 Graham even got to open his present from them, which included this cool "Paw Patrol" water blasting backpack!!!

The kids were just being funny, but this turned into quite the photo shoot...!


I hope Graham enjoyed his day--I know he's looking forward to his "Paw Patrol" party...!!!

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