Monday, June 27, 2016

Around Ludington...

Scott and Josh took the kiddos outside in the morning, and Brandi and I relaxed on the upstairs porch with our coffee--BFF Bliss :)  Scott headed back to IL in the early afternoon, Brandi did a grocery run, and these three made some friendship bracelets while the littles napped.  They were working on their quiet behavior to earn Movie Night later... ;)
 Our Parent Plan was simple: early dinner, movie night, bedtime!  LOL  We succeeded and the kids had a lot of fun :)
 Grown-up down time :)
 Sunday morning: My boys got in as many turns holding Molly as they could!
 They are quite the baby hogs!
 It was gray, drizzly weather, but Brandi and I loaded up her van anyways and headed into Ludington to explore and conduct our planned photo shoot!  Josh had gotten up obscenely early for some geocaching adventures!
 Jackson and Grahammers in Ludington
 Reward of playground time after pictures!
 The real reward: a treat from Kilwin's for being cooperative subjects!  I think they all picked chocolate covered rice krispie treats and Liam had jelly beans!  Graham did not want to participate in the photo...
 Josh beat us back to the house and got lunch started.  Our plan today was a big lunch, naps, and then packing snacky food and fruit to take to the beach!  Josh grilled us a delicious lunch of burgers and potatoes--it was so good!
 LOL  We got a lot of new beach toys at Dollar Tree this year, and this was the pattern one of our cool rolling tools made in the sand!
 Vacation Us :)
 Smiley Molly!
 The kids had SUCH a good time playing on the beach!

 A Wahoo-sighting on the beach!

 After our dinner picnic and changing the kiddos, we headed to the lighthouse!
 It was a bit windy walking along the walkway, but we made it in one piece!

 Heading back to the cars.  Needless to say the kiddos were pretty tired after our epic Dune day and then lots of playtime on the water today!
 Leftover pizza and wine by the fire--so fancy!

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