Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow Day!

 Well, we got one day of school in before it snowed and we had a snow day!
 Jackson was so excited to go build a snowman, but he was a pretty good sport when we realized the snow was too powdery to build anything :(  He was thrilled to make snow angels and walk around the yard collecting sticks for the snowman we didn't make.
 Jackson's snow angel!
 He was really all about the hot chocolate, so the powdery snow and cold just got us inside faster to have a warm treat!
 After Graham woke up from his nap, we headed to the library for some new books and some fun with puzzles.
 This particular branch has a turtle named Squirt, who the boys love!  Graham especially loved climbing up on the stool by the tank!
 After lunch and naps, we had bath time and then fire and movie time!
 Brothers in puppy jammies!
 I was trying to get Graham to lie down by the fire like Jackson...
 Just about got it!
Graham sat with Jackson for about five seconds before climbing off the couch.

Pretty great snow day :)

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