Friday, January 24, 2014

A Trio of Snow Days!

We had an amazing getaway weekend with the Buerstattes over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend!  And, we came home to no school for THREE days!!!  It did snow for the majority of the day on Tuesday, but the last two days were more "cold days" than snow...
 Super-hero Cowboy!
 We took advantage of all of the snow to get out and play!  Jackson LOVED sledding down the huge hill in the Bashores!  They played outside for a couple of hours complete with rides on the sled being towed by Mr. Jake's riding mower :)
 Josh took Graham down right away!
 Off they go!
 And, they went down and around and around and around SUPER fast!
 Spinning out just a little ;)
 Graham was a good sport despite the total face-plant in the snow!
 Jackson's turn!
Snow munchkin!

Snow days are excellent for movies, fires, chili, potato soup, playing games, reading, and friends!  We got a little bit of all that in over the last three days!  
 Yesterday, I traded baby holding services for a few grocery items :)  Rachel went off to the grocery store minus four children, and she was nice enough to pick up the few things I needed, but really didn't feel like venturing out for!  LOL
 These three spent quite a long time devouring the High Five magazines I have saved!  They mostly loved the Hidden Pictures pages :)
 Levi's always happy to play at our house!
 Getting in as many snuggles with Baby Matthias before our friends move this summer :(
 Graham was excited to see a baby!
He was super sweet and loved tickling his feet!

Today there was a two-hour delay, but preschool starts on time anyways.  YAHOO!!!  Squeezing in one day at least before another long weekend...

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