Monday, July 4, 2016

Louisville "Layover"

Sadly, it was time to think about heading back to Virginia, but we weren't quite ready to go ALL the way back just yet...  Josh had a great suggestion to stop in Louisville for a night to see some new things and have fun in a pool!  We got a great rate on Hotwire for a hotel downtown with a pool and booked it!  We checked in and the boys went straight for the pool while I did a little unpacking, investigated some early dinner choices for the boys and figured out how far away we were from the Louisville Slugger Museum.  

We fed the boys an early dinner in the hotel room before heading to the museum.  During the summer, there is a special twilight rate as they stay open a bit later, and we were happy to take advantage of that!
The HUGE bat out front!

Making new friends ;)
We had some time before our tour time to wander around the museum, and Jackson took a turn with a pro bat!
Josh tried out Ken Griffey, Jr's bat!

The tour was really fun and interesting!  It was neat to hear about how the process of making the bats has changed over the years and the players' preferences.  Jackson was really into it...Graham not so much.  But, it was past bedtime at the end of vacation, so that wasn't too surprising.  At the end of the tour everyone gets a mini-bat to keep!  Such a fun souvenir!

A cool pitching game that measured the speed of your ball!

A little taste of home!

Wrigley Field seats!

Graham INSISTED he was milking the horse...  
After we finished up at the museum, we saw a little more of Louisville by finding a few caches and walking around.

On my way back from picking up dinner for Josh and me, I saw this funny sign for all the ways folks pronounce the city name!
The boys went to bed, and Josh and I relaxed in the hotel room before heading out for the rest of the drive home in the morning!  This stop-over was a GREAT idea, and we'd love to come back and see more of Louisville another time!

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